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Thelma Marwa Occupational Therapy

We specialize in vocational rehab, pediatrics, hand therapy, and physical rehab, dedicated to promoting independence and health. Our diverse settings include private practice, homes, hospitals, schools, and more. Your well-being is our priority.
At Thelma Marwa Occupational Therapy, our mission is to empower individuals of all ages and abilities to lead fulfilling lives by providing client-centered, evidence-based occupational therapy services. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by promoting independence, improving functional capabilities, and fostering holistic well-being.
Our vision is to be the leading provider of innovative and compassionate occupational therapy services, setting the standard for excellence in client care and community impact. We envision a future where individuals of all ages and abilities have access to comprehensive, personalized, and empowering occupational therapy that enables them to thrive in their daily lives.


What We Do?

Physucal Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is a medical specialty that helps people regain body functions they lost due to medical conditions or injury. Some of the conditions seen for physical rehabilitation includes stroke, Gullian Barre syndrome, head injury and spinal cord injury.

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is the art and science of evaluating and treating injuries and conditions of the upper extremity (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand). It uses a number of therapeutic interventions to help return a person to their highest level of function. It evolved from the need for a specialist with the knowledge and experience required to manage the challenging recovery of complex hand and upper extremity injuries.

We assess and treat conditions that affect hands, arms and shoulders. We also make splints according to the patients` needs. People who can benefit from splinting are those with tendon injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis etc. The splints include:

  • Resting splints
  • Rock-up splints
  • Flexor tendon splints
  • Extensor tendon splint
  • Gutter splints
  • Back slabs

  • Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. We help children to succeed in important areas of life using a holistic approach. Children are assessed using standardized and non-standardized tools to determine limitations in different areas like

  • Gross motor - hopping, jumping, skipping, ball skills.
  • Fine motor - cutting - handwriting, pencil grip, coloring and others.
  • Visual perception - eye hand coordination, copying, figure ground, visual closure and form constancy.
  • Attention.
  • Sensory integration.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

    Vocational Rehabilitation is a process which enables persons with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities or impairments or health disabilities to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment or other useful occupations. We do functional capacity evaluations to compare a person`s health status to the job demands for the purpose of determining fitness for work or adaptations needed for an employee to work effectively.

    Who may need functional capacity evaluation?

  • person who was injured or was sick and now wants to return to work
  • A person who was involved in an accident
  • A person who applied for payments from the Insurance companies
  • A person applying for social security payments

  • Our Core Values


    Client-Centered Practice

    Our foremost priority is the needs and goals of our clients. As a team, we adopt a collaborative and client-centered approach to assessment, intervention, and goal setting. Our aim is to ensure that therapy aligns seamlessly with each client's unique values, preferences, and priorities.


    Occupation-Focused Approach

    Central to our practice is the concept of occupation, encompassing all the activities and tasks individuals engage in daily. We collectively emphasize the importance of meaningful and purposeful activities as essential tools for enhancing an individual's health and overall well-being.


    Holistic Perspective

    We consider the whole person, acknowledging the physical, psychological, emotional, and social dimensions of well-being. As a team, we address not only specific conditions or impairments but also the broader context in which our clients live and function.


    Client Empowerment

    Empowering our clients is a shared goal. We work diligently to empower our clients to actively participate in their therapy and life situations. We provide a range of educational resources and support to help clients develop the skills and confidence necessary to achieve their goals.


    Evidence-Based Practice

    Our approach is firmly grounded in evidence-based practice. We base our interventions on the best available evidence from research and draw upon our collective clinical expertise. We are committed to ongoing professional development, continuously seeking opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills to provide the most effective and up-to-date care.


    Cultural Competence and Diversity

    Recognizing the importance of cultural, ethnic, and individual diversity, we deeply respect and value our clients' backgrounds. We strive to deliver culturally competent care, acknowledging that cultural factors significantly influence a person's beliefs, values, and health-related behaviors. Our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive and respectful environment for all our clients.


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